Corporate Respons­ibility

Sustain­ability and commitment

No matter whether you simply enjoy nature and spend your leisure hours outdoors, or cross fields, forests, and mountains: LOWA is at your side – from outdoor adventures through to more chal­lenging exped­itions, always reliable and aware of our respons­ib­ilities.

Few sectors are linked so closely to nature and the envir­onment as the outdoor industry. As a mountain sports brand, LOWA lives with and from nature – and consequently wants to offer its customers the best possible outdoor experience with its products. For us, this means assuming respons­ibility.

We use high-quality materials, which means they are able to stand up to high levels of stress and strain. But being high quality is not just about being durable and robust. It also means being safe for both human health and the envir­onment. This applies not just to the end product. Production must also be carried out under fair and eco-friendly conditions. This is why we rely on high envir­on­mental and social standards when producing our products. We orient ourselves on inter­na­tionally applicable standards and agreements that safeguard and guarantee human, envir­on­mental and labour rights around the world.

Our commitment to fair working conditions throughout our supply chain has a great deal to do with our company culture. We have set out our ethical, envir­on­mental and social standards in the LOWA Code of Conduct. These guidelines apply to all of our production sites both within and outside of Germany, whether our own facilities or those of our contractors, suppliers and business partners.

Areas of CR

Here you can find out more about what we are doing in the different areas of CR:

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Our staff

The people behind the brand

Without the commitment of our more than 2,000 employees, the 100-year success story of our company would simply not be …

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Environmental and nature protection

Protecting the envir­onment and nature

Living from and with nature

Nature provides us with the setting for our outdoor activities, and protecting nature is thus funda­mental to our …

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Production Conditions

Ethical manu­fac­turing

Trust, honesty and respect.

Trust, honesty and respect. – These values guide us in our daily dealings with our employees and customers. They apply …

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LOWA Products


Materials, durability and repair

When it comes to our products, we at LOWA focus on perfect fit, a high level of func­tionality, a contem­porary design …

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Production locations

“Made in Europe” – With one exception

As an industry leader operating in the age of glob­al­isation, LOWA applies a philosophy of “Made in Europe” to guarantee …

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LOWA company headquarter in Jetzendorf

Mission Statement

Our philosophy

With this mission statement, we aim to provide our staff and other stake­holders with a clear overview of what LOWA …

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Social commitment

Giving back

Our social and cultural initi­atives at national and inter­na­tional level

Working together with a number of partners and athletes, we endeavour to help disad­vantaged indi­viduals around the …

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The company

Tradition and innovation since 1923

LOWA is a company with a long tradition based in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf. What started off as a small …

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CR strategy 2023–2027

Our customers want to know where their product comes from, how and under what conditions it was manu­factured, and what materials it contains. And rightly so. We aim to be able to answer these questions with honesty and trans­parency.

Based on our many years of experience in the area of corporate respons­ibility, we have developed a CR strategy going up to 2027. Our aim is to continue improving and to become even more trans­parent about how we take respons­ibility.

The first step towards more trans­parency in our supply chain is to gather plenty of data. This is why we have been carrying out internal audits of our production sites for a number of years now. The aim is to verify each site’s compliance with the strict guidelines set out in the LOWA Code of Conduct. In 2022, we went a step further and brought in addi­tional third-party audits of our sites. We have been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since the beginning of 2023.

We have merged our envir­on­mental and quality management with our occu­pa­tional health and safety department, and we hope this will bring about improvement and greater effi­ciency. We are planning an integrated management system here which will be certified in accordance with ISO 45001.

Our strategy is embedded in the commitment of our parent company, the TECNICA Group. It is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and has committed to the United Nations Sustainable Devel­opment Goals. The imple­mentation of our strategy will help us to further improve in the areas of envir­onment, social affairs and governance and to present our commitment even more trans­parently.

According to current figures (Corporate Carbon Footprint or CCF), we will make a propor­tionate contri­bution to achieving the Paris Agreement. We have a range of initi­atives in this area including Lifecycle Assessments (LCAs) and Product Carbon Foot­prints. We are aiming to include Scope 3 emissions in our Greenhouse Gas Reporting (GHG) by 2027.

We have defined concrete projects and set ourselves ambitious goals in the following areas:

  • Sustainable products
  • Climate action
  • Respons­ibility in the supply chain
  • Safe and inclusive work envir­onment


CR management at LOWA has been placed within the company’s management team. Alexander Nicolai is the corporate respons­ibility officer for the management team and oversees all CR activities. The CR manager is Ingmar Anderson; he and his team report directly to company management.