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Maximum protection, zero compromise. COMBAT BOOT MK2 GTX

A new generation of mission boots: The COMBAT BOOT MK2 GTX with its comfortable dual-density PU midsole and arch support offers a great deal of comfort for long marches. Its certified ankle protection system with PORON® tech­nology makes the boot the perfect piece of equipment for soldiers and private military contractors. The mission boot is suitable for moderate, wet and cold climate zones and is designed to ensure stability and durability. The construction with few seams and the water-repellent, tear-resistant smooth leather with LOWA® RAYFLECT to reflect sunlight round off the package.

The COMBAT BOOT MK2 GTX is certified as occu­pa­tional footwear in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012. It is anti-static and has a cold and heat-insu­lating sole complex. The outsole is not only anti-slip – it is also resistant to oil, petrol and contact heat. Indi­vidual ortho­paedic insoles in accordance with DGUV 112–191 can also be provided.

Certified working boot according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012

Weight: 1760 g/Pair (UK 8)
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    Achieve your mission.

    Foot marches are designed to move troops quickly and surrepti­tiously. No matter whether the foot march passes through an urban area or virtually impen­etrable forest and field terrain: The aim is to move forces from point A to point B rapidly and safely. Depending on the mission, such marches can last from an hour to several days. The weight of soldiers’ rucksacks frequently varies as well. Much of the burden of a foot march is borne, of course, by the feet. For this reason, troops require footwear with a stable upper to provide the support that the ankle needs and a sole with a high degree of stiffness to prevent fatigue-related injuries during long marches with heavy rucksacks. Robust fabric provides durability after many steps.

    • Stable upper
      The stable upper design provides stability even when the footwear is worn for an extended period of time.

    • High sole rigidity
      The high rigidity of the sole supports the foot during long missions with rucksacks.

    • Very robust
      The robust boot can handle high levels of stress for long periods of time.

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    Turns every landing into a pleasure.

    Para­chuting involves a range of different jumps from aero­planes to introduce troops to areas of operation. Such missions can involve jumps made at low altitudes with round para­chutes that open auto­mat­ically or military freefalls with parafoils and occa­sionally heavy rucksacks. Para­chuting places some special demands on footwear worn during such missions. Important features include closed hooks to prevent the hooks from becoming caught in suspension lines, good heel cush­ioning and a stable upper to prevent injuries during landing.

    • Stable upper
      The stable upper design provides stability during landings.

    • Closed hooks
      The closed hooks prevent them from becoming acci­dentally caught in parts of the parachute.

    • Good heel cush­ioning
      Good heel cush­ioning reduces stress during landings.

  • pixabay_soldier-4768760

    Perfect in use.

    Combat deployment is a military assignment conducted in an active war zone. The combat mission is designed to fend off threats as well as to restore and maintain public safety. The terrain can vary greatly, depending on the area of operation. It may range from urban areas to remote locations with rough terrain. The ideal footwear for combat missions has a stable upper that supports the ankle and provides a high level of comfort even during extended engagements. A robust fabric provides the required durability, even under adverse conditions.

    • Stable upper
      The stable upper provides the support required for demanding situ­ations.

    • Very robust
      The very robust boot is designed to handle long, demanding combat missions.

    • Comfortable
      The boot is also ideal for extended periods of wear thanks to its high level of comfort.

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    The right comrade in every situation.

    Patrols cover a limited area. They are used to conduct exploration, recon­naissance or security missions. The location and length of such missions vary tremendously, a fact that places tremendous demands on mission equipment, partic­ularly the footwear. Chal­lenging terrain (like the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afgh­anistan), frequent kneeling as well as good mobility and respons­iveness require tough, but light­weight boots that offer moderate sole rigidity and provide solid support to the ligaments and tendons.

    • Stable upper
      The stable upper provides the support required during abrupt movements.

    • Moderate sole rigidity
      The boot’s moderate sole rigidity supports the foot without hindering movement.

    • Comfortable
      The snug boot remains comfortable even when it is worn for an extended amount of time.

  • pixabay_helicopter-3465064

    Descend safely.

    Fast roping is a quicker technique than abseiling. Fast roping involves mission forces sliding down a rope from heli­copters without using descenders. The method enables mission forces to land on ships and to be introduced to hard-to-reach terrain or developed areas. Because of the friction produced by rope sliding, the medial side of the boot must be equipped with heat protection. Similar to footwear worn during para­chuting, the boots must have such special features as closed lace-up hooks and good heel cush­ioning to lessen the impact of landing.

    • Protected medial side of the boot
      The protected medial side of the boot prevents premature wear and tear caused by sliding on a rope.

    • Closed hooks
      The closed hooks prevent the footwear from getting caught in the rope during descent.

    • Good heel cush­ioning
      The good heel cush­ioning lessens the force of the impact with the ground.

  • Military Operation

    Perfect on terrain.

    Mountain warfare is an assignment that can be conducted in very adverse weather conditions and on very difficult terrain. The objective of a mountain mission is exploration, recon­naissance, security or combat on moun­tainous terrain. A stable upper is required to provide the support and stability required by the mission. A wrap-around rubber rand prevents premature wear and tear of the material. Waterproof features prevent the constant penet­ration of moisture and, thus, cold bridges in the boot as well.

    • Stable upper
      The stable upper provides the support required for demanding terrain situ­ations.

    • Rubber rand
      The wrap-around rubber rand prevents premature wear and tear during missions conducted on demanding terrain.

    • Waterproof and breathable
      The waterproof and breathable qualities of the lining create a continuously balanced foot climate.

  • Security man standing indoors

    Perfect in use.

    Event security is performed to protect actors and visitors at public gath­erings. It is performed in urban areas and on natural surfaces.

    • Stable upper
      High comfort even during long usage.

    • Waterproof and breathable
      The waterproof and breathable qualities of the footwear create a continuously balanced foot climate.

    • Very robust
      The robust boot can handle high levels of stress for long periods of time.


VIBRAM® VANGUARD Your connection to the earth

The COMBAT BOOT MK2 GTX comes equipped with a Vibram® sole. The Italian sole manu­facturer has been one of the leading brands of high-quality soles for many years.

GORE-TEX Performance Comfort Footwear Guar­anteed weather protection – even during fickle conditions.

Guar­anteed weather protection even during fickle conditions: The COMBAT BOOT MK2 GTX is equipped with a GORE-TEX performance comfort footwear membrane. The innovative tech­nology delivers optimal waterproof protection and breath­ability.

  • Permanently waterproof
    The membrane provides reliable waterproof protection. No matter what sort of activity you may be planning, you can count on GORE-TEX tech­nology to keep your feet pleasantly dry.

  • High breath­ability
    Designed with optimal breath­ability in mind, GORE-TEX shoes are a pleasure to wear even during intense activities and fluc­tuating temper­atures. Water cannot penetrate the footwear, and moisture produced inside the shoe escapes through billions of pores in the GORE-TEX membrane.

  • Windproof
    The GORE-TEX membrane dependably fights off the wind and the weather. As a result, you can head off on a tour no matter what the weather is like.

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Corporate Respons­ibility Tradition and innovation since 1923

Corporate respons­ibility (CR) stands for far-sighted management in a company’s core business and has a high priority in the busi­ness’s overall strategy. CR is a key aspect of sustainable growth in the following areas of business activity: the market, jobs, the common good, the envir­onment and supply chains. Social, envir­on­mental and commercial issues are given equal weight, and stake­holders are integrated into the strategic focus of the company’s CR activities.

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TWO ZONE LACING The shoes fit correctly as a result

Thanks to the two-zone lacing system used in the COMBAT BOOT MK2 GTX, the forefoot and upper have their own separately adjustable lacing zones. As a result, the shoe can be indi­vidually adapted to the anatomy of the foot and laced in different ways for ascents and descents.

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MINIMAL SEAMS Fewer stitches for lots of comfort

Stitches and material overlaps are elim­inated in the COMBAT BOOT MK2 GTX thanks to the use of large pieces in forming the upper. This reduces the possibility of pressure points, a feature that enhances comfort.

Closeup front view of a handyman installing  ceramic tiles over apartment floor. He's putting plastic crosses in the junction spot to keep the space between the tiles constant.

CLOSED HOOKS Hold without a snag

The COMBAT BOOT MK2 GTX is equipped with lacing hooks with a closed design. They guide the laces very securely and keep them from getting caught upon contact with objects.


Technical data



Article number

210871 C30 0999



Proven Vibram® rubber sole from a high-quality provider from Italy.

The sole meets the highest anti-slip standards. Slip protection depends primarily on the design and rubber compound of the outsole. The shoe provides optimal slip protection on slick, wet and oily surfaces, as well as good grip on terrain.


Poly­urethane (PU)

Poly­urethane (PU) is a soft plastic that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties and is usually used in the midsole as a result. Through the use of PU, the soles become light­weight and func­tionally flexible.


Approx. 9%

Poly­amides are plastics that are synthesised and can be used to produce man-made fibres as a result. In addition to their toughness, poly­amides are known for their form stability, tear and abrasion resistance and waterproof qualities. Poly­amides are also elastic, very stretchy and high gloss.

Approx. 90%
Poly­urethane (PU)

Poly­urethane (PU) is a soft plastic that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties and is usually used in the midsole as a result. Through the use of PU, the soles become light­weight and func­tionally flexible.

Upper material

Full-grain leather

Full-grain leather offers the very best quality that leather has to offer. It consists of various types of leather whose grain side is processed on the outside, regardless of the strength of the natural grain of the animal. The qualities of the leather can be smooth, structured, grained, embossed or shrunk. Full-grain leather has open pores and may be used for many years if it is properly cared for.

Lining material

GORE-TEX Performance Comfort Footwear

Shoes equipped with a GORE-TEX performance comfort footwear membrane are permanently waterproof and are perfect for fluc­tuating temper­atures. More …


The shoe model is equipped with high-performance protection of the ankle area against injuries caused by external impact and is certified (addi­tional requirement AN). The protection of the inner and outer ankles is ensured by a PORON® padding in the affected area. This material is char­ac­terised by a partic­ularly high shock absorption. Ankle protection is partic­ularly important in the military sector and for work in rough terrain. More …

The forefoot and upper area can be laced in varying degrees of tightness. More …

The shoe is equipped with lacing hooks with a closed design. The laces are guided securely and cannot slip out of their hooks. Closed lace hooks minimise the risk of the shoe getting caught on objects. More …

Avoidance of unne­cessary stitches to reduce pressure points. More …

The upper leather of the shoe is equipped with sunlight-reflecting pigments. Due to the reflection, the leather and thus the inside of the shoe heats up less and slower, espe­cially in black shoes. This feature makes it easier to work outside, espe­cially in summer. More …

The shoe is equipped with an exchangeable footbed for optimal indi­vidual adjustment and, in combination with the ortho­paedic insoles ErgoPad® work:x and ErgoPad® work:h+ from BAUER­FEIND®, is certified and approved for use as occu­pa­tional footwear in accordance with DIN EN ISO 20347:2012. More …

Upper height

Upper height meas­urement according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012: 200 mm
Upper height outside: 0 mm
Upper height inside: 0 mm


1760 g/Pair (UK 8)

PPE Regu­lation

Please note that if it is intended to use the purchased products as personal protective equipment in accordance with Art. 3 No. 1 of Regu­lation (EU) 2016/425 (PPE Regu­lation), the user is responsible for checking the products for the presence of a corres­ponding certi­fication (see technical data of the product). If the product lacks a certi­fication required for use as personal protective equipment as defined by the PPE Regu­lation, the product may not be used as personal protective equipment or only for non-profes­sional purposes.